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Community Conundrums Index

Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Conundrums Index


The Community Conundrums program provides weekly DSS puzzles for you all to try your hand at - but no need to limit yourself to this week’s challenge! 

We’ve created a handy catalog of all past challenges to help you find the one you want to tackle with difficulty levels and topic labeling. Here you can find all past Conundrums and tackle whichever you choose!

  Title Difficulty Level Topic
#1 Conundrum 1: Law and Order Modeling Intermediate Modeling
#2 Conundrum 2: Holiday Hoodies Basic Data Visualization
#3 Conundrum 3: Cohort Conundrum Basic Data Prep
#4 Conundrum 4: Building Predictions Intermediate Modeling
#5 Conundrum 5: Natural Followers Intermediate Data Prep
#6 Conundrum 6: Finding Meaningful Values  Intermediate Data Prep
#7 Conundrum 7: The Job Hunt  Intermediate Modeling
#8 Conundrum 8: A Window into my Orders Soul  Intermediate Data Visualization
#9 Conundrum 9: Month Forecasting  Basic Modeling
#10 Conundrum 10: The Titanic  Basic Modeling 
#11 Conundrum 11: Reinforcement Learning - Wall Jump Agent Advanced Reinforcement Learning
#12 Community Conundrum 12: Flight Delays  Intermediate Modeling 
#13 Community Conundrum 13: Get it to the Goal!  Advanced Data Visualization
#14 Community Conundrum 14: Geolocating  Intermediate Data Visualization
#15 Community Conundrum 15: Secrets of Success Basic Modeling
#16 Conundrum 16: What makes Data Beautiful? Intermediate Data Visualization
#17 Conundrum 17: Fashion Reviews preparation  Intermediate Data Preparation
#18 Conundrum 18: Royal Sentiment  Advanced Modeling
#19 Conundrum 19: How did you get here?  Basic Data Visualization
#20 Conundrum 20: Fashion Reviews - What's in a word? Advanced Data Visualization
#21 Conundrum 21 - Fashion reviews - Finale!  Intermediate Modeling
#22 Conundrum 22: Hotel Bookings  Intermediate Modeling
#23 Conundrum 23: Visualising Victors  Intermediate Data Visualization
#24 Conundrum 24: Pricing Predictions  Advanced Modeling & Data Preparation
#25 Conundrum 25: Feature Visualisation  Basic Data Visualization
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@MichaelG ,

I actually think that the data modeling problem Conundrum 1 was actually harder to get good results for, than the Data Prep for Conundrum 5 which was fairly straight forward ETL.  What do others think?

cc: @anita-clmnt 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @tgb417 
I think on that level you are correct - my reasoning here was that while Conundrum 1 was harder to get *good* results for it was really quite easy to at least complete to some level. 
But of course open to feedback on if that is the right approach to picking challenge levels - and looking forward to seeing what your fellow CC maestra @anita-clmnt thinks 🙂 

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Level 3

Hi @MichaelG and @tgb417 ,

I think I agree with Tom. Even if I didn't look at the difficulty level before working of those conundrums, for some reason I would have expected the level to reflect how easy it would be to get a 'decent' performance for the modeling exercises. It also takes more time in my opinion to build a model that works than to complete a data prep/viz exercise.

But I do like that the modeling exercises are not that easy, it brings some challenges! 🙂 



I’d like to say here that I have enjoyed the back and forth we have done looking at conundrum #1 an #5.  The interactions have provided the ability to learn together. Thank you.  I also agree that easy is not the point.  I see value in the ability to solve a problem together with a common tool set and learning from each other as a value proposition.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Glad to hear you are relishing the challenge @anita-clmnt and it's been great to see your collaboration with @tgb417 on them!

Ok I am persuaded - I'll do a update of the challenge levels with both your points in mind. 

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