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Dataiku Neurons

Recognizing Dataiku advocates who elevate more people to harness the power of data

Dataiku Neurons are exceptional doers, who turn complex data into tangible results every day. But that's not all. They also elevate others by arming them with the ability to make better day-to-day decisions with data.

The Dataiku Neurons program recognizes Dataiku users for their invaluable contributions, ranging from knowledge sharing, enabling fellow practitioners, and providing feedback to help us grow.

Selection of Dataiku Neurons occurs bi-anually based on ongoing participation and is a year-long appointment.


  • Share Knowledge

    You might recognize familiar faces! The Dataiku Neurons shine by sharing their expertise in Dataiku and data science across content and events.

  • Help Others

    The Dataiku Neurons support people of all skill levels to unlock their data creativity with Dataiku.

  • Build Connections

    By sharing Dataiku news and participating in reference calls, the Dataiku Neurons help expand the community of doers who are systematizing the use of data and AI for exceptional business results.

  • Give Feedback

    Dataiku Neurons give invaluable feedback and ideas to our teams to help us raise the bar and shape the future of Dataiku as the platform for Everyday AI.

Who Are They?

The Dataiku Neurons form a global network of data leaders. Filter by industry and feel free to get in touch about your journey in data science and AI:

Become A Dataiku Neuron

Are you helping other people harness the power of data with Dataiku or know of anyone who is? Apply now or nominate others to become a Dataiku Neuron!

Apply and Nominate

Program Benefits

  • Special Access

    The Dataiku Neurons get exclusive insights into pre-release products, exclusive access to our teams for ideation and feedback, and connections to subject matter experts across our ecosystem.

  • Learning

    Skills development is at the heart of the program. A Dataiku license is granted as part of the program and exclusive events are hosted every quarter to dive into the Dataiku Neurons' topics of interest.

  • Reputation

    The Dataiku Neurons are a pioneering group of AI leaders whose expertise is showcased across Dataiku's global networks through speaking opportunities, content co-creation, and special brand initiatives.

  • Fun

    Not just another cool swag box! Fun lies in the culture of getting together in our closed Slack group, meeting at exclusive online and offline events, being connected to Dataikers across the organization, and many other networking opportunities.