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Dataiku Tutorials

Dataiku Academy is the place to go to...

Discover a wealth of knowledge on the Dataiku DSS platform!

Learn at your own pace with detailed concept videos and step-by-step, hands-on tutorials. Become an expert at Dataiku DSS, from your first steps with the product to advanced usage and administration.

Get Certified on your journey by following our learning paths from Core Designer to Solution Architect. Our certificate program is backed by assessments to prove your expertise. Celebrate your achievements with badges that are shareable on LinkedIn and the Dataiku Community.
Dataiku Tutorials

Two ways to access learning materials

If you are interested in a guided course of study, the Learning Paths provide a curriculum to follow and assessments that lead to certificates of achievement!

If you need just-in-time training on a specific feature of DSS, the Course Catalog has a browseable and searchable database of all our courses and lessons.
Important note: Courses accessed through the Course Catalog cannot be registered for, and so we cannot track your learning. If you are interested in our certificate program, please register for courses through the Learning Paths!

Dataiku Tutorials

Constantly evolving

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be integrating additional courses into the Learning Paths in order to enhance the Academy experience.

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