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How to Use Subscriptions

Subscriptions let you get email updates whenever new content appears in an area of the community that you're interested in. You can subscribe to a board, a blog, category or a label. You can also subscribe to a specific post.

To subscribe a piece of content:

    1. Go to the board or thread you want to subscribe to.
    2. To subscribe to a location, click (Location) Options > Subscribe.
      To subscribe to a specific post, go to the post and click (Post) Options > Subscribe

To view and manage your subscriptions:

    1. Go to My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications.
    2. Click My Subscriptions to see a list of the items you've subscribed to
      You can click a subscription to go to the item.
    3. This also allows you to manage the frequency at which you receive them

To delete a subscription, click the check box for the subscription and click Email Subscription Options > Delete Selected Subscriptions.

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