Full outer join

Is there a way to do a full outer join between to datasets stored in the DSS memory (so basically made by recipes or analyses) ?


  • jereze
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    Hi léa,

    To make full outer joins in DSS, you need to work with datasets that are stored on a SQL database that supports them. For example, MySQL does not support them, PostgreSQL does.

    If you work with file-system datasets (or managed by DSS), it uses the H2 database for the visual join recipe. H2 does not support full outer joins.

    You have workarounds for databases that does not support full outer joins: see FULL OUTER join not available with MySQL datasets

  • Mattsco
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    Hi Léa,

    Maybe you can do 2 left join (by switching the left dataset), stack them with the stack recipe and drop the duplicates?
    We recommend you to use SQL databases for this kind of operations!

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