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UserBird Dataiker, Alpha Tester Posts: 535 Dataiker
Are you aware of a step we could add to our visual prep script to translate languages?


  • jereze
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    For language translation, you would need an external library or an external API (Google, Bing...).

    To make API calls from a visual preparation recipe, as of today, the only way is via the custom Python formula processor. But, I wouldn't recommend that as it would slow down the UI, making a lot of API calls as it refreshes at each modification.

    The best way is probably via a Python recipe (and not in a visual recipe). Also, I would recommend caching somehow the results to save some calls.
  • Alex_Combessie
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    Hi @UserBird

    You can now use the Dataiku plugin for Google Cloud Translation for that

    Hope it helps,


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