Is it possible (supported) to change a PROJECT NAME ?

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Is it possible (supported) to change a PROJECT NAME ?

I see in the interface that we can rename a project.

Is this something supported ?

(ie: will we be able to run/build anything after renaming the project without any problem ?)

If I try, I can already see that the project name changed, but the web address to this project still shows the old name... for ex:

- my project was name : "old_project"

- I connect to it like : serverip:10000/old_project/

- Then I change the name to: "new_project"

- when opening this new project, I still see the address: serverip:10000/old_project/

=> Any potential issue for that ? In case yes, can we roll-back & put the "old_project" name again to fix ?

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Hi Simon,

As you've seen, there are two independent names

- the project name, used only for display purposes, which you can change freely

- the project key, which appear in the URL, which doesn't change, because it could break things.

A way to «change» the project key is to create a new project with a different key, see
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Ok, I did that, now it's even worts, it's and error in french that says that my password is incorrect.

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