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Today marks the beginning of the Dataiku Community in its new home. You should find your posts and replies as you left them and the layout of the community largely the same.  I hope you find the new community to be more performant and you will come to see the increased ease with which it can be modified as we continue onward and upwards!

Some areas related to discontinued programs or that were very inactive have been deprecated to help you get to the most relevant content in a less cluttered environment.

While the Community should be almost exactly as you left it a few items are not quite complete, and we expect those to be wrapped up and re-introduced over the next few weeks. Here’s a breakdown so you don’t worry that these things are gone for good!

  • Dark mode - trust us when we say this is as close to our hearts as I’m sure it is for many of you, but as of now there is no native dark mode available.
  • Badges - these are not updated yet, worry not; your old badges will return in new style with your accomplishments appropriately honored. 
  • Mobile Version - the Community is largely usable on mobile devices today, but expect this experience to continue to improve over the coming days.
  • Some links - most links to the original community platform should still work, but there are some that are currently broken. We are looking into this and expect to restore the vast majority of links over the next week.

If you find issues and would like to highlight them the Community Feedback area is perfectly placed for this. The area has historically not been as well monitored as it could be, that changes today! 

Thank you for your patience while the former site was in read only mode, and welcome back!

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