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it would be great to have a possibility to tag user groups in a discussion or comments . Instead of an individual user.

This way we will not have to tag each and every user and then forget any name by mistake. Could you please take this idea forward and implement in

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  • CoreyS
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    Thank you for your feedback! Since this request is related to the Dataiku Community we moved your idea to the Community Feedback Board.

    While your request is made with the best of intentions, unfortunately this will be marked as 'Not Planned' at this time. There are a number of unintended consequences that will impact a user's experience by creating such functionality.

    Please note that by subscribing to a thread or board you will be notified each time there is activity. We also recommend reaching out to your Partner Manager who can help facilitate more connection points to ensure you are supported in your role as a partner of Dataiku.

    As an alternative here are a few resources we recommend:

    In addition here are some external resources that can help:
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