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@Dataiku Here to Set the Record Straight!

Hey, it is me @Dataiku!  I’ve noticed some of you are tagging me in your questions. Unfortunately tagging @Dataiku does not tag all Dataiku employees (shameless reminder to Meet your Global Community Team) and will not result in a quicker response to your question(s). So I’m leaving the nest to help set the record straight and provide you insights and resources to help guide you to your desired solution.

When you submit a question we initially like to provide it some space so that another user might be willing to share their solution or insight based on their experience utilizing Dataiku. After that space is allowed, a Dataiker, my pet name for Dataiku employees, may respond with their insights, solutions, follow up questions, etc.

Internally, we have set up mechanisms to notify these Dataikers when a question is submitted and if there is time they can provide a response. We also set up opportunities to review questions that may have been asked but have received no response after at least one week. As you can imagine there are a lot of questions on a given day so it is difficult to respond to every single one of them, but we try our hardest. In fact, since the launch of the Dataiku Community in February 2020, we have responded to 78% of posts that did not receive an initial response after at least one week.

There are a number of resources available that may help lead you to a solution quicker. For starters, there are a number of Community Resources available to you to help maximize your use of this Community. For example, using search to its full potential, how to ask the best questions, and of course finding the best answers. There are also a number of free learning resources available to you:

  • Dataiku Academy: Guided learning paths for you to follow, upskill, and gain certification on Dataiku.
  • Documentation: Detailed information on Dataiku setup, administration, and usage.
  • Knowledge Base: Articles make it easy for you to find solutions to without having to ask for help
  • And more!

So that’s all for now. As I prepare to fly back to the nest, one more piece of advice. If you find the solution you are looking for on the Community, mark it as ‘Accepted Solution’ to help others like you!

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