How to Best Find Answers

Even with a great tool like Dataiku DSS challenges are bound to arise - fortunately for you we have a plethora of support options and guidance to help you through them! Many of these can also provide support not just in overcoming issues but also in optimizing your projects and getting the most out of DSS.


The Community:


You are already in a great place to find help and advice: the Dataiku Community! In Discussions you can find a huge wealth of information and solutions to questions others have had - as well as ask you own. The Product Knowledge Base contains curated articles to help you understand specific aspects of DSS and answers many common questions. You may want to consult How to ask for help with the best results? for tips on the most effective ways to seek support on the community. 


DSS Global Search 


The search box on the top right of the DSS UI does a global search across your instance, Dataiku's documentation, and the Dataiku Community  (v6.0+). This is a good tool to get to the appropriate resource for all kinds of questions - as long as you know what you are looking for.


Internal Community 

Sometimes the answer you need is close at hand! Don’t forget to ask your peers if they know the answer. Some issues will be specific to the nature of your installation and often you are not the first to encounter them. A good person to reach out to is often your Dataiku administrator who may well have already solved the issue you have for another on your team.



The Academy provides self-learning materials, including step-by-step tutorials to help you take your first steps in DSS all the way through to learning it’s more advanced capabilities. This is a fantastic place to start if you are new to DSS and want a step by step program to guide you rather than having a specific challenge you need to address.



Dataiku’s reference documentation is open for all. For technical questions and explanations of specific features this is a good resource - use the index or the search box to find topics of interest to you. If you have found an area not well covered in our documentation please do reach out to us - it’s constantly improving!


Chat with Dataiku


On the bottom right corner of the DSS user interface or our website, there is a button that opens a chat box. You can use this to get questions rapidly to Dataiku staff and get your answers quickly. This is a good channel to use if you have relatively simple technical questions or knowledge gaps that can’t be solved using the Academy and documentation resources. 

Support Tickets

If you are unable to solve your challenge using the resources above and your administrators are unable to resolve the issue then raise it with Dataiku’s support team following these guidelines.



Dataiku has plenty of other resources that you should be familiar with and avail yourself of when needed.

  • Community Conundrums
    • Weekly exercises to test and build up your Dataiku DSS skills;
    • An open DSS instance with many sample projects, illustrating different capabilities and techniques;
  • Online Events on Dataiku DSS
    • Regular online events to enhance your Dataiku DSS and data science knowledge, as led by our talented users and in-house experts;
  • Data Science webinars
    • Watch our past webinar catalog on a variety of data science topics;
  • Data Science Blog 
    • Read our ‘Data from the trenches’ data science blog on advanced techniques and best practices;
  • Banana Data Podcast
    • Dataiku has its very own data science podcast, available on all major platforms, with a wealth of information on a host of topics.




My favorite way to search for DSS answers is to use google a google search like this. "How to Best Find Answers"

Where the stuff after the sitename is what I'm looking for.  Give it a try.


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