How do you measure a year?

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As lovers of data, you are often asked to measure data points and report back on the findings. And today, when we celebrate anniversary one of the Dataiku Community, we ask, rhetorically of course, how do you measure a year? As the song explains, a year is 525,600 minutes but this year on the Dataiku Community it was so much more - but don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our top contributors and Dataikers who have shared their experience with us for this occasion!


All that said, of course we didn’t get here with just a few of you, it’s been the collective contributions and support from the entire community over the past year that give us something extra special to celebrate such as:

So, what’s to come in the next year then? Haven’t we done it all? Not by a long shot! There’s much more to come from the Dataiku Community including collaboration opportunities, like our brand new space for you to share your Community Feedback with us openly and directly, more recognition programs like the Top Monthly Contributors, growth of our Dataiku Neurons program and of course, regular monthly platform updates to ensure your experience remains flawless.

Thank you again for all of your support and we look forward to bringing you even more great interactions in 2021!


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    You might also call it the difference between:

    1619971200 - 1588435200 = 31536000

    Congratulations Community team!

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