January 2021 Community Release

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Today marks the release of our first 2021 Dataiku Community platform update. We’ve made a number of improvements to enhance your Community experience and usage. As always, we welcome feedback and hope you’ll enjoy this month's updates. Read on to learn about the changes and improvements you’ll find across the Community.  


Say hello to your new landing page! 

We have livened up the landing page with a fresh new teal colour as well as an assortment of new friendly faces. Let us know what you think of our new look.


Keeping up with Banana Data

You can now subscribe to the Banana Data Podcast right from the Community- so you’ll never have to miss another episode! Just head to the Banana data page and hit ‘subscribe’ to receive notifications about new episodes as soon as they are uploaded.



Keyboard Shortcuts

We have added a few shortcuts to the Community to help you more easily navigate around and perform a few comment actions.

  • ‘Cursor left ← / right →’: Open Next / previous topic 
  • ‘r’: Reply to root message (for replying to a reply the reply button next to a message needs to be used) 
  • ‘s’: Subscribe / unsubscribe topic to follow updates and get notifications.
  • ‘backspace’: open board containing this topic.

Let us know any other actions that you feel would be helpful to be hotkeyed, we always love feedback! 


Fixes & Tweaks:

  • It’s now easier than ever to get to the New York user group with their brand new URL at https://community.dataiku.com/NY-users
  • We have made it easier to reply to other users by ironing out some kinks with how names are displayed.
  • Improved Menu visibility when not logged in

We have made backend improvements allowing us to more easily export Community Data, monitor subscriptions, and improve our Dataiker permissions assignment flow. 


Feel free to ask us about any changes here, or request others!