Passing inputs to Shell Recipes

Passing inputs to Shell Recipes

According to, input and output dataset names are shared as environment variable names to the shell recipe.

Assume my input dataset name is "my_input" and output dataset is "my_output". How would I specify them to my shell recipe?

Something like:

cat $my_input > $my_output ?

P.S: I know I don't need to explicitly provide these names for the cat command in Dataiku. I am trying to write a more complex shell recipe and need to figure out how to specify the datasets explicitly.

Operating system used: Linux

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Hi @yashpuranik ,

In the shell-recipe, left top of your screen (see attached screenshot) you'll find "variables" next to "datasets". Select "variables", in the list you will find "DKU_INPUT_0_DATASET_ID" or something like it >  click on it and it will be used in your recipe. When your output will be a new file it might be wise to specify the output-folder (also mentioned in the variables list) as that saves time searching for it. 

Hope this helps, have fun!