Passing inputs to Shell Recipes

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According to, input and output dataset names are shared as environment variable names to the shell recipe.

Assume my input dataset name is "my_input" and output dataset is "my_output". How would I specify them to my shell recipe?

Something like:

cat $my_input > $my_output ?

P.S: I know I don't need to explicitly provide these names for the cat command in Dataiku. I am trying to write a more complex shell recipe and need to figure out how to specify the datasets explicitly.

Operating system used: Linux



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    Hi @yashpuranik

    In the shell-recipe, left top of your screen (see attached screenshot) you'll find "variables" next to "datasets". Select "variables", in the list you will find "DKU_INPUT_0_DATASET_ID" or something like it > click on it and it will be used in your recipe. When your output will be a new file it might be wise to specify the output-folder (also mentioned in the variables list) as that saves time searching for it.

    Hope this helps, have fun!


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