Plugin installation problems in virtual machine

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Plugin installation problems in virtual machine

I have been trying to complete the Advanced Designer learning path in Dataiku Academy; in the hands-on lessons, it says that I need to install a certain plugin in order to create the project associated with the lesson. Because I am currently using Windows, I have been using the Oracle VM Virtualbox to run Dataiku on my computer; when I try to create the project, it gives the error message "Type CityLevelReverseGeocoder was available in a plugin that is not installed", but when I try to install the plugin afterwards, it gives the error message "Failed to install the plugin. Target /home/dataiku/dss/plugins/installed/geoadmin already exists, should update". As a result, I have been unable to continue this learning path. What would be a good solution to this problem?

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Hi @klee93,

This issue could be due to incorrect installation of the plugin in the first go or incorrect uninstallation afterwards due to which its not available in the UI but the plugin folder exists.

In any case, I would suggest you to log in from the server side and navigate to the /home/dataiku/dss/plugins/installed folder mentioned in the error. The folder created for the plugin "geoadmin" is still present there and you have to delete the entire folder manually.

If you don't have the access to do that, then contact your admin.


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