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Exporting data to PowerBI

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Exporting data to PowerBI

Whilst exporting to PowerBI for the first time, I got this error.
Anyone experience with the error below?

Looking for Power BI datasets with similar names...

ERROR [-] Error while creating your Power BI dataset.

ERROR [-] Azure response:


"Message": "An error has occurred."


Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/Applications/", line 106, in serve

row_count = export_rows(exporter, command["exportBehavior"], command["schema"], input, command.get("destinationFilePath", None))

File "/Applications/", line 31, in export_rows

File "/var/folders/k8/jbnml6rd43g6_3m16qrz1jxm0000gn/T/tmpWIutQT/", line 66, in open

sys.exit("Dataset creation error")

SystemExit: Dataset creation error


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Hi Tycho - can you please open a support ticket and attach the complete job log please?

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