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Hello ,

Is there any way to apply filter on all the charts simultaneously, on the dashboard ? like I'm trying to make it interactive as we do in Power Bi or other BI tools.


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    Hi @swapnilnavale63

    With the release of Dataiku 10, we've made dashboard filters available. Here's how:

    1. Open a dashboard in edit mode
    2. Add a filter tile using the "+" icon
    3. Select the source of your filter (i.e. where you want the columns and values to come from)
    4. Select which columns you want to add as filters
    5. Save

    A dashboard filter tile will apply to all chart and dataset insights on a dashboard slide where shared columns have the same name and type.

    For more info, check out this video that demos this and other improvements made to visualizations in Dataiku 10, take a look at a hands-on tutorial, or browse the reference doc.




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