MySQL timezone error ?

Mattsco Dataiker, Registered Posts: 125 Dataiker

I can't read my dataset on mysql, I have the error:

Failed to run

java.sql.SQLException: The server time zone value 'CEST' is unrecognized or represents more than one time zone. You must configure either the server or JDBC driver (via the serverTimezone configuration property) to use a more specifc time zone value if you want to utilize time zone support.

What does that mean?


  • Mattsco
    Mattsco Dataiker, Registered Posts: 125 Dataiker

    Ok, It works by adding in my connection settings an advanced parameter serverTimezone and set it to Europe/Paris like this:

  • Clément_Stenac
    Clément_Stenac Dataiker, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Registered Posts: 753 Dataiker
    To add some details: this is actually a misconfiguration on the MySQL server part, albeit a very frequent one.

    Here, MySQL is configured with a server timezone of "CEST".

    However, "CEST" (Central European Summer Time) is not a valid "timezone", it's merely an offset to UTC, but it's only valid during the summer. On the other hand, "Europe/Paris" is a valid timezone, which knows when it means "UTC+1" and when it means "UTC+2".

    MySQL has several legacy timezone handling modes. DSS uses the modern timezone handling, which properly knows that CEST is not a valid timezone.
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