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Hi everyone,

I have build a data flow in a project and I was wondering how to apply to the resulting dataset an R model.

I already know that the way to do it, is to use managed folder of DSS; particularly I know that I have to load the model contained in that managed folder, which is located in the same project where my dataset has been built, by using and R receipt and then apply the model.

In this post I am wondering if it is possible to load, into an R receipt, a model contained into a managed folder, which is located in a project which is not the one, where my dataset has been built.

I have tried to do so by using the usual command "dkuManagedFolderPath("number of the folder living into another project")" but I got the following error message

Error in dku__check_api_error(resp, "Failed to get Folder information"): Failed to get Folder information (HTTP code 404): Managed folder name not found: t50TVkLO in IB_AP_MONIT

1. dkuManagedFolderPath("t50TVkLO")
2. dku__check_api_error(resp, "Failed to get Folder information")
3. stop(error)

which, I guess, is telling me that into my project there is not that managed folder.

Is there a way to solve this issue; is there a way to load into my project a manged folder coming from another project.

Thank you very much for your support.

Kind regards,

Alessandro Picca


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    Hi Alessandro,

    If you want to access the managed folder that belongs to a different project, you will indeed need to include the appropriate project ID with the managed folder ID that you pass into dkuManagedFolderPath() or it will not be resolved properly. Something like:


    For example, let's say you have two projects: project A and project B. In project A, you have your R recipe or notebook where you are trying to use dkuManagedFolderPath() while in project B is where the managed folder (whose id is "abc") is actually located. Then, your API call should look something like the following:


    You can then check, from a notebook for example, what the full path actually is and whether this path is indeed correct by doing something like the following:

    path <- dkuManagedFolderPath("")

    In terms of determining the appropriate project ID to use, similar to identifying the managed folder ID, one easy way would be to look at the URL when you have the project (or managed folder) open in the UI. I hope that this helps!



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