Update user profile/license assigned by LDAP mapping

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I am testing in Dataiku 11.4 with user profile (or license) setting, via LDAP mapping.

In my tests the profile is only assigned when the user logs in for the first time and registers his user. Subsequent changes to LDAP groups do not update the assigned profile in Dataiku.
That is, a user accessing Dataiku for the first time without belonging to an LDAP group for which Designer license is set, registers as Reader, but if at some point the user is added to that LDAP group the user remains as Reader.
There would also be no automatic change if a user who previously had a Designer license ceases to belong to the LDAP group that granted the license.

Do these license maintenance tasks have to be performed manually in Dataiku?

Thank you in advance


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    This is by design. Last time I asked Dataiku about this they said you could be breaching your licensing terms if you start switching users between licenses. You will need to check with your Customer Success Manager / Account Manager to see what you are allowed to do in terms of swtching Designer licenses around. One way you can prevent this issue is by setting the Groups Restriction field in your LDAP configuration to all the AD groups which grant any sort of Dataiku license type (Reader, Explorer, Designer). This will prevent random users from being able to login to Dataiku unless they have been granted a license type in advance. This in turn will prevent their accounts created and their profile defaulting to Reader. So hopefully that solves most of your issues. With regards to real cases where the user license type needs to change, I will again suggest you consult with Dataiku to make sure you stay within the Dataiku licensing terms. But as you have seen there is no built-in functionality to handle these cases so you would need to handle them manually or via the Python API. Below is sample Dataiku Pyhton API code on how to modify the user's profile:

    import dataikuclient = dataiku.api_client()user = client.get_user("theuserslogin")settings = user.get_settings()# Modify the settings in the `get_raw()` dictsettings.get_raw()["userProfile"] = "DESIGNER"# Save the modificationssettings.save()



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    Thank you, I couldn't find any documentation on this topic on the Dataiku website.

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