Why my scoring recipe failed after updating my test dataset?

Mattsco Administrator, Dataiker Posts: 125 Administrator
Got this error message when executing my scoring recipe:

[15:04:50] [INFO] [dku.utils] - Exception: An error occurred during dataset write (mMZScq4XA9): RuntimeException: Schema incompatibility: 38 columns in data, 37 columns in target dataset.


  • AdrienL
    AdrienL Dataiker, Alpha Tester Posts: 196 Dataiker

    It seems that the schema of your input dataset changed. You can get DSS to detect the schema incompatibility and offer to automatically update the output dataset's schema simply by re-saving your scoring recipe.

    In Flow, double-click the scoring recipe, then click Save, you should see this box:

    Schema changes. Update schema / ignore / cancel?

    Click Update schema to override the output dataset's schema. You should now be able to run your scoring recipe.

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