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I need help for setting up a solution for this business case.
We have built a final dataset where we track our products metrics every six months ( number of clients, average basket, number of transactions etc).
We set the start_date and end_date as our project global variables.
The issue is that we would like to have a final table where we have a history of the KPIs of all previous semesters. Now we lose the history when we update the dates and end up with only the KPIs of the current six months.
Any suggestion on how we can do this please?

Thanks in advance

Operating system used: Windows


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    Hi @Oh_Lily

    Try using Dataiku's Metrics & Checks functionality to do this. You'll be able to define your KPIs as dataset metrics--you can even define custom metrics, if needed--and Dataiku tracks the changes in these values over time. You can create a dataset out of the metrics you've defined and their historical values, which should correspond to having a history of the KPIs of all the previous semesters as your post mentioned.

    Depending on how you've built your project, the solution might be different but give it a try!

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