How to import/export project from one instance of dev to another in DATAIKU

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We have a dev instance for dataiku say 10000 and we want to export a project to dev 20000 instance. How can we do it?


  • Alex_Combessie
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    To duplicate a project between two distinct Dataiku instances, you can:

    • in the existing project, go to project home page → settings (or “project administration” for older DSS versions), then action → export the project. You get a .zip file, downloaded by your local browser.
    • on the second DSS instance, go to the home page of DSS (the list of project), click “Import project” (or new “project → import” for older versions) and upload this zip file.

    The procedure is detailed in this article:

    Hope it helps,


  • Sklab
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    Thank you. But, how to import/export all the projects from one instance to another?

  • Turribeach
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    To export/import all projects you could either use the dsscli command line utility or the Python APIs. However as noted in the Upgrading DSS instance documentation exporting/importing all projects one by one will be very slow and will not copy all settings. The recommended approach in that case is to clone the DSS instance.

  • Sklab
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    Thank you @Turribeach
    for the quick answer. I followed the example in this link

    to export multiple projects at once.

    - The idea is to export all the projects then import them into dataiku cloud. as our license is about to expire, we'll have to use the cloud version. Can you confirm that this is the right way to transfer my projects to the cloud version? Or is there another, more secure way?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I’d also open a support ticket. Explaining the project you need to undertake. The Dataiku team may have some magic (not available to the rest of us mortals) that might make this a smoother process. For example they might be able to clone your current instance into the online Dataiku environment.

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