Using the next page url provided in the "API Connect" Plugin

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I tried different configurations with the plugin "API Connect" in order to use pagination and point dynamically to the next page but to no avail.
I found this link from Dataiku Community Solved: Solved: Using the next page url provided in the API Plugin - Dataiku Community

As I understand it, the "Next page URL provided" parameter did not work in this plugin.

The publisher confirmed in April 2021 that for the moment, with this plugin, we could only retrieve the first page or feed the page numbers using a "page" query parameter for example.

Can you please tell me how to specify page numbers using "per page" parameter? and if if an improvement to the "API Connect" plugin has been implemented since that time?

Thank you in advance for your return.

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    Pagination is a complex issue because of the many different ways to implement it. We are trying to cover as many cases as possible, but exceptions can always be found...

    The previous post you mentioned was referring to an API using RFC-5988, where the next page link is sent in the header of the server's reply. That was not implemented at the time, but is now available since v1.0.3 of the plugin.

    We are happy to help implementing pagination or improving the plugin on these aspects, but we need some information about the specific server. Do you have any documentation you can share regarding the API you are trying to access ?

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