February 2022 Community News

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Data Collaboration for a Good Cause

Register for this week's online event to discuss learnings from the Dataiku Community's first volunteer data science challenge and find out how you can launch your own!


What's New in the Dataiku Community Event: Learnings From the Dataiku x ALMA Observatory Volunteer Data Challenge

Join us on Thursday, February 10th at 12:00 PM EST to discuss insights from the Dataiku x ALMA Observatory Challenge, a hands-on volunteer project that enabled 14 participants from around the world to develop their skills in Dataiku and data science while contributing to a good cause.

The online event will take you through a retrospective of the Challenge, from its inception to the insights produced by participants, followed by an open discussion around the value and challenges of volunteer data science initiatives.

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The Dataiku Community Celebrates Its Second Anniversary!

Join the celebration by discovering our highlights from the past year, find out what's coming next, and let us know what you'd like to see in 2022.

The Community wouldn't be where it is today without its users, and we can't thank you enough for helping us to continuously grow and improve. It's been a great adventure so far, and we can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries and milestones together!


Introducing: Dataiku Inspiration

Do you have a tip or trick for using Dataiku that's truly extraordinary? Share it with others via our new program, Dataiku Inspiration!

Submit your own inspiration — bits and pieces of knowledge that you've picked up that make your time quicker, easier, and/or smart — or subscribe to see the latest insights.

Highlights From the Community

Dataiku 10 Crash Course

Discover the highlights of the new product release through the Dataiku 10 Crash Course by the Dataiku Academy, which features a mix of videos and hands-on tutorials. Get started today!

Community Top Contributors

Join us in showing some love to this month's Top Contributors, whose contributions and conversations help keep the Community thriving.

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