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Hi all.

I previously had DI installed, but the last upgrade presented me with a java installation error. I eventually deleted the app and tried to install from scratch, but I get the same error. Unfortunately the log does not tell me much.


[2022-01-11 16:19:11.962 -0500] INFO: downloading
[2022-01-11 16:19:12.076 -0500] ERROR: java install failed
[2022-01-11 16:19:12.077 -0500] ERROR: Failed to install java

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  • JoshuaGohlke
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    I discovered a work-around to the issue. In the log, I could see that DSS installer was looking for jdk8u322-b06 even though it later tried installing a different version. When trying to download and install java, it failed with no useful error message. I could, however, download the original java package manually and place it where the installer first looked. This worked.


  • Sergey
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    Hi @JoshuaGohlke

    Can you please provide more context? What OS version are you running? Where do you see this error? Will you be able to provide <DATA_DIR>/run/install.log?

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    Hi Sergeyd, I had the same problem, stuck on installing Java, when install free edition for windows 10. And I see the same log at java log installation. Thanks in advance.
  • JoshuaGohlke
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    Hey, thanks for replying. I didn't see this until just now.

    My OS is MacOS Monterey 12.4 and I see the error on install. Specifically, the first time I use DSS it prompts me to install and then installs python and then java. That's where it fails. The install log file has the failure captured, but doesn't describe the cause. I can't find a way to run verbosely. I'm able to find the downloaded java distro and unzip it.

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    I have the same installation error and I'm stuck. Could you please let me know what you installed in wwich directory precisely (I'm on a Macbook pro with M2 max chip)? That would be helpful.

    Thank you


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