extraction first "0", and the length if "0" is at the beginning

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Good afternoon,

Is it possible to get the first character as 0? For example i have two numbers

24567 and 02456, so i tried the fonction get (x,0,1) but at the sacond case its giving to me "2" instead of "0", as well if i calculate the length, it will be "4" instead of "5". Which function should i use to get first 0 and the legth of characters as 5?

PS: I tried transfer my data to string and after use the function but it didnt work.

Thank you in advance! Anastasiia

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  • Clément_Stenac
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    Formula will always autocast when referencing the column directly, even if the storage type is string. To avoid that, replace x in your formula by strval("x")

    So it would look like: substring(strval("x"),0,1)
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