October 2021 Community Release

Michael Grayson
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Introducing Setup Info!

Setup Info is the newest way in which we aim to make the Community as helpful as possible. This new system empowers users to share critical information about their system & Dataiku instance that will assist the Community in getting them answers!


As you can see topics now have Setup Info as well as Labels - these new tags are set during post creation. As shown, users can choose to add them using fields below the text field. These new fields are optional, but it’s a great idea to fill them out to help us help you. For a more comprehensive rundown of this new feature please refer to the Knowledge article on the subject:


We owe a debt of gratitude to our excellent Neurons for their insightful feedback on this feature as we were in the process of developing it. Head here if you want to learn more about the Neurons program and how they enrich the Community.

As with any new feature we mean to iterate and enhance Setup Info going forwards, if you have suggestions you would like to share the Community Feedback board is the perfect place!

Tips & tricks


We also added a host of new helpful tooltips around the Community this month. These aim to inform users about various elements that might not be fully intuitive, as well as offer advice on best practices.

If you can think of any other areas that could use such clarification do let us know, we always love to hear input from our users!

Tweaks and Fixes

- A few navigation changes this month, with top level navigation improved with larger clickable areas. We also altered solution navigation functionality - fixing some errors where viewing solutions in the original thread was not working correctly.

- Tooltips have had their dark mode visibility improved.

- To recognise the accomplishments of our Frontrunner winners and runners up we have added a new set of badges for them.

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