Ctrl + Enter to run a recipe

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It would be great to be able to use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + Enter to run a recipe while in the recipe editor screen. This keyboard shortcut would be consistent with what you can do in both Jupyter Notebooks and in SQL Notebooks.

I realize that there is a current keyboard shortcut for running a recipe (@ run) but typing all of that is not very quick or convenient. Ctrl + Enter is much quicker and as noted is consistent with other areas of DSS as well as other code and query editing tools (e.g., RStudio).

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  • AshleyW
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    You'll be pleased to hear this idea is in our backlog, and we are determining the next steps for development. We can't provide a timeline at this point, but be sure to check back for updates!

    For everyone else, kudos the original post to signal that you're interested in Dataiku developing and releasing this! Feel free to leave a comment in the discussion about how this capability would help you or your team.

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