Best Practice for allowing Reader Explorer users to make changes to editable tables

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What is the best practice for allowing Reader Explore users to make edits to an editable table?

We created editable table and exposed it through dashboard. To allow them to access and modify tables, we added the them to project through project security and had to give them 'write project contents' so that the edits that they make are reflected to the projects.

Unfortunately, the 'Write Project Contents' offers the users access to most contents of the project.

Is there an alternate approach besides using Webapps?


  • AshleyW
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    Hi @gr

    Given profile constraints, Explorers can't make edits to datasets or create them. In order to allow a user to do this, they will need a Designer profile in addition to 'write project content'.

    You might consider using Dataiku Applications as a means to enable those users to define certain parameters before running a pre-defined workflow (if that's what you're trying to do with the editable dataset)



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