How can I find and modify the "correct" country list?

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Using country data from different sources, I have trouble getting the country names the way DataIku wants them. Since there are different (often legitimate) spellings for many countries, it seems like a waste of time to have to clean them up in the way DataIku wants - especially when it may be difficult to guess what name DataIku wants to have for a specific country. There are also a number of countries which from some point of view is only a region or territory of a country, but from some other points of view is a separate entity (for instance, it might have partial independence).

So, a list of all "approved" country names, together with a way to add alternative spellings as well as countries not in the DataIku list, would be greatly appreciated, and would simplify my life a lot.


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    The notion of what is a valid country is indeed very relative.

    You could define your own list of valid countries by creating a user-defined meaning dedicated to your understanding:

    You will find more information on user defined meanings here :


  • KjellK
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    I saw that was an option, however, my question was how I can find the list of countries in the built-in function. I also believe there should be some way to critique the list and get it updated when a country is missing. I see no reason to build a custom list just because I get a red warning on some minor dominion.
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