How can we export the predicted data table of a model to CSV?

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Hi, everyone,

I trained a Random Forest model on a train data set and made predictions on test data. I can view the results of the predictions from the model in " Predicted Data " tab . I want to export the table that has predictions and prediction probability but dont know how to do it. Can anyone please suggest how we can do it.




  • Jbelafa
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    You need to create scoring recipe from the model you trained and build a dataset with this scoring recipe.

    Once this is done (if your security configuration allows you to do so ) you will be able to export this dataset to different formats including csv .
  • Sam648
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    How do you create a "scoring recipe"? Can you please point out how i should do that ? I dont see any options to do that in that page
  • cperdigou
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    Select your test dataset from the flow, in the actions bar you will see "predict" and "cluster" recipes toward the bottom, they are used to apply already trained models.
  • arisha
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    I applied scoring recipe to export out predicted data & it provides a different sets of data. Is there other ways to export out predicted data

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