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Getting To Know the Neurons at Dataiku Insiders Days

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Community Manager
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As you may know, our Dataiku Neurons program expanded this year, with 39 members now making up this exceptional group of data doers! To mark the occasion and thank them for their contributions, we ran the 2022 edition of the flagship Dataiku Insiders Days. This annual interactive online event allows our super users to connect with each other and the Dataiku team in a fun, immersive way.

That’s not all: In addition to opportunities to exchange through ice breakers and workshops, the two-day event, hosted on May 10 and 12, also featured exclusive insights into Dataiku’s product roadmap, enriching masterclasses and fireside chats, and even the debut of Dataiku’s very own online escape room (yes, you read that right!).

Scroll down to find out more about what was covered during the event, get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Dataiku Neuron, and even find out how you can apply to become one yourself to join the experience!

Breaking the Ice

This year, our group of Neurons grew from nine to a whopping 39 members. To introduce the original members to the new ones and enable everyone to get to know each other better, we kicked off the event with some light-hearted ice breakers.

Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 15.58.34.jpg

Going on a scavenger hunt across Italy together with our new Neurons

From laughing together to going on an exciting online scavenger hunt across Italy, the hands-on activities allowed us to connect with Neurons in a more informal way and set the stage for future networking opportunities.

“It confirmed my view that this is a great group of people and a fantastic opportunity to connect with a company that values its customers and is driving forward the data ecosystem,” a participant later said of the experience.

Exclusive Insight Into the Dataiku Roadmap

As our ambassadors and power users, the Neurons provide our teams with invaluable feedback and ideas to help us raise the bar and shape the future of Dataiku as the platform for Everyday AI.

Accordingly, a key activity during the event was a presentation of our product vision. During the session, Kenji Lefevre (@kenjil), Dataiku’s VP of Product, gave the Neurons exclusive insight into what’s coming next for Dataiku — including a special glimpse at our upcoming Dataiku 11 release (stay tuned!)

DATAIKU_STILL72 (1) (1) (1).jpg

Dataiku Insiders Days participants got a sneak peek of what’s coming next for Dataiku

Following the presentation was a lively Q&A, in which Elisa Salamanca ( @ElisaS), Head of UX, and Jean-Guillaume Appert (@Jean-guillaumeA), Director of Product Management, responded to any queries and gathered their thoughts on the preview.

“It is great to see how other people in the Community use Dataiku and their perspectives on new features they are interested in,” an attendee said of the event.

Connecting With Dataiku Experts

One major benefit of attending this year’s edition of Dataiku Insiders Days was the opportunity to hear directly from Dataiku experts on a variety of engaging topics. Participants had their pick of several masterclasses, fireside chats, and breakout sessions over the course of the two days, which connected them directly with Dataikers and other users.

Breakout Sessions

Following the roadmap presentation on the first day of the event, attendees could participate in the follow-up Q&As or dive into entirely new topics of common interest! In breakout sessions led by Dataikers from the Data Science and Product teams, we explored and shared best practices on the hot-button topics, including MLOps and the onboarding and enablement of new users.


There was no shortage of masterclass options at Dataiku Insiders Days, with the majority led by some of our very own Neurons! @Ignacio_Toledo, Data Analyst at the ALMA Observatory, delved into the volunteer challenge run in collaboration with Dataiku that brought together data practitioners from around the world to look up at the stars and contribute to a good cause.

Meanwhile, Sampath Reddy (@Sampathvinta), Analytics Product Owner, and @Valerian Guillot, Data Science Technical Lead, represented Schlumberger in a presentation on how they’re using DELFI collaborative technology to unite the energy exploration and production lifecycle in the cloud.

Fireside Chats

Fireside chats provide an intimate setting to get to know presenters in a more informal way. It was in this format that participants became acquainted with two of our special guests: Yulia Witaschek (@ywit), Customer Success Lead at Dataiku, and Neuron @CraigTurrell, Head of P2P Digital Centre of Excellence at Standard Chartered Bank. During the talks, they shared details of their career advice and paths in the data science field and their respective roles in discussions with our Advocacy Programs Coordinator, Daria Shavyrina (@DariaS)

Can You Get Out of the Dataiku Escape Room?

Without a doubt, one of the Neurons’ favorite parts of the event was the Dataiku escape room. Taking place on the last day as part of the grand finale, it consisted of a single challenge: Work with your team to solve puzzles within Dataiku, find the answers to the escape key, and get out before the others!

Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 16.01.18.jpg

One of our teams working together to solve a puzzle with help from escape room creator @NancyK 

Incredibly interactive and high-energy, this event highlight was an excellent way for the Neurons to dive into an incredible collaboration and get a glimpse into how they work and use Dataiku. It also featured some fun surprises, including an adorable Easter egg that made an appearance if you were lucky enough to escape before the clock ran out!

Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 16.02.47.jpgA “paw-some” surprise for our clever escapees

Created by our resident CX Analyst, Nancy Koleva (@NancyK), the very first Dataiku escape game made its debut at the event. As our esteemed advocates, they obviously got to be the first ones to try it out!

Do you think you have what it takes to escape? A public version of the game is currently under work, so keep an eye out on the Dataiku Community for news on how and when you can try your hand at the activity!

Apply To Become a Dataiku Neuron or Nominate a Teammate

Becoming a Dataiku Neuron grants you access to plenty of exclusive content and networking opportunities. If you have a teammate you’d like to nominate, or are interested in applying yourself, don’t hesitate to fill out this form or click the button below for more information.