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connect to Microsoft Teams to store images

connect to Microsoft Teams to store images

Hi community,

Is it possible to connect MS Teams to Dataiku, in order to store images/pictures created by DSS.

I did already successfully connect MS Teams as Incoming Webhook as reporter to scenario's (following the tutorial

Thanks in advance, 

Marc Robert

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Dataiker Alumni

Can you clarify what you mean by "store images" as I understand this as the image resource being accessible again from DSS. And I am not sure that's what you are trying to achieve

Do you maybe mean have DSS post images to MS Teams? E.g. to post a graph of an insight after a successful run?

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Hello Claudius, 

You are right, I mean that DSS posts images to MS Teams.

So a flow will generate a few images like graphics and line charts (generated by python or the internal charts) and these we would like to export to MS Teams

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