Using Filters in a Dashboard

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Using Filters in a Dashboard

Im having some frustration applying filters to a dashboard. Ive got a bunch of features on the X axis of a bar graph, and I want to use a filter to just select one. When I go to uncheck all of the boxes, so that I can just check the one I want, I get this error:

Dashboard _ Dataiku — Mozilla Firefox 1.png


Dashboard _ Dataiku — Mozilla Firefox.png


Loading Failed : Infinity is not a valid double value as per JSON specification. To override this behavior, use GsonBuilder.serializeSpecialFloatingPointValues() method. 


This seems like a really common thing to do... so I guess I'm missing the trick?


Thanks, CJ

Operating system used: Windows

Operating system used: Windows

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Hi @cmjurs,

Could you please provide more information, such as:
- the version of DSS you are using;
- the engine you are using for the filter tile (in-database or DSS);
- other active filters and their type (e.g. is scoring_date a numeric range filter, a list of values, etc.).

As a workaround, could you try to :
1. disable all range filters (numeric and date) ;
2. uncheck all the checkboxes and check the one you want to keep;
3. re-enable the range filters.



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