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Using Charts in Dataiku for Visualization

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Using Charts in Dataiku for Visualization



I am facing following issues while visualizing data on Charts tab in Dataiku - 


1. Can we display Comma Separated Values (like 1,234,567) instead of 1.2M or 1234k in pivot table?

2. Can we edit Y- Axis Title of a Bar Chart?

3. There is the option for colouring the table cells in the pivot chart, but it considers all values in the table and then conditionally formats the cells. Isn't it possible to conditionally colour the cells column-wise, where each column is separately conditionally formatted based on the min-max values in that particular column?



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Hi @mauwazahmed ,

Please find below answers to your questions: 

1. No, it's not possible to display Comma Separated Values in pivot table. 

2. Yes, you can edit the Y-axis title for a Bar chart from the Y menu, clicking on the Y-axis title will open the menu. Here's a screenshot of the Y-axis menu.  Y-axis menuY-axis menu


3. No, it's not possible to conditionally colour the cells column-wise in pivot table.


Let me know if that helps,

Thank you,


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Hi @mauwazahmed , 

Updating this thread to let you know that in all 12.2+ versions of Dataiku, it's possible to use the 'Digit Grouping' formatting option of a Pivot Table to add comma separators as you've described. 



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