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Use of Weights&Biases (wandb)

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Use of Weights&Biases (wandb)

I am using Dataiku as part of a collaboration with an Airline. However, on my own computer, I was doing parametric studies with Weights&Biases, which is quite comprehensive. I am wondering if I can use Weights&Biases from within Dataiku, which should be possible since wands operates in the cloud. Thanks!


Operating system used: MacOS 11.52, M1 chip 11.52, M1 chipx, 11.52, M1x

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did you ever figure out how to do that

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Upvoting this.  We have some use cases which also require the use of Weights & Biases.

Is this on the Dataiku Roadmap? 

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If this is something that you think should be part of Dataiku DSS.  You might consider adding it as a Product Idea over on these pages.

Woiuld love to hear what you are thinking.

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