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Nested json data Manuplation

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Nested json data Manuplation

Hello all,

my data is like 



and I would like the output as 


I have tried several steps such as "fold an array" and transpose the row to a column but I am able to perform this task for one column only (as there is no option to perform this task for multiple columns), and the information in data_t column repeats for every new column that I have created. The results that I am getting is similar to this 




Thank you for your assistance.


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Actually a valid JSON object would be more:


If you cells were formatted as a JSON object you would then be able to use in a "Prepare recipe" the "Unnest object" step that would provide the expected output:

Capture d’écran 2020-05-04 à 09.43.26.png

So the simplest options I see would be to:

  1. transform your data to have directly a JSON object that can be unnested
    1. you could perform that transformation in a "Prepare recipe" using for example a "Formula" step
  2. use a "Python function" step in "row" mode where you would for each row extract the new columns and corresponding values. More info on this step can be found in the documentation: Python function

I hope this helps.


Mickaël | R&D at Dataiku