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How to get the centroid information in the k -means clustering in Lab

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How to get the centroid information in the k -means clustering in Lab

HI Team,

I have a use case where I have to pull out the centroid for each cluster into another column in the output dataset of clustering in dataiku lab. Can you please let me know on how I can actually pull it in. Also to know the exact value of the K we have to view the elbow plot, do we have that in the dataiku where it automatically selects the clusters if yes, can you please let me know where it could be or on where I can plot the elbow plot to define the value of K.

Also, can you please share us any links for the clustering implementation part which could help for a better comprehension. 

Please do the needful !

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Hi @Tsurapaneni while you wait for a more complete response, I would like to provide you the resources available for obtaining support

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