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Gauge Chart

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Gauge Chart



is it possible to create a gauge chart in dataiku? Attached you can find an example of the target visualization

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Hi @MatteoMa 

Have you considered using a bar chart instead? I know it can be tricky to push back on user requirements for visualisations, but in terms of data viz best practice, there are better ways to show deviation/distance from a target or maximum value than a gauge even if, yes, they can look super cool. Using the default charting capabilities in DSS, there isn’t away to build a gauge that looks like what you have in the attachment (gauge displaying number relative to a ceiling of some sort + number).

You might try to get creative with either a donut chart (which is essentially a gauge) or a bar chart; either of those could be used to help you visually show the difference between a value and its target. You could also explore the coding options that Shiny and Bokeh give you to create custom charts.


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