Connect a git client to the git used internally ?

Connect a git client to the git used internally ?
Hi datafolks,

I see that git is used internally by DSS. Can use this to do some common git operations like branch, revert, diff, etc. on my project ?

If yes, do you recommend (or have seen) a good web git client to deploy along with DSS to allow users browse and manipulate the commits ?

Thanks for your advice.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

In DSS v3 (out very soon), you will have the option to see the commits in the UI. But no more action.

It is not really recommended to branch/revert DSS internal git directly. (I have personally already experimented some not pleasant situations...) If you want to do it, you should back-up.

For a good client, no idea...
Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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Also be careful that if you revert to a previous version, only the metadata (which includes the schema) is reverted, the data itself is not versioned and you might get incompatibilities between data and schema.
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