Connect a git client to the git used internally ?

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Hi datafolks,

I see that git is used internally by DSS. Can use this to do some common git operations like branch, revert, diff, etc. on my project ?

If yes, do you recommend (or have seen) a good web git client to deploy along with DSS to allow users browse and manipulate the commits ?

Thanks for your advice.



  • jereze
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    In DSS v3 (out very soon), you will have the option to see the commits in the UI. But no more action.

    It is not really recommended to branch/revert DSS internal git directly. (I have personally already experimented some not pleasant situations...) If you want to do it, you should back-up.

    For a good client, no idea...
  • jrouquie
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    Also be careful that if you revert to a previous version, only the metadata (which includes the schema) is reverted, the data itself is not versioned and you might get incompatibilities between data and schema.
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