Coloring / highlighting rows and exporting in Excel

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Coloring / highlighting rows and exporting in Excel

It would be nice to have a plugin that allows to color rows based on a formula or criteria, and to have the color / highlight kept when exporting to an Excel file.

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Hello Tomtom,


Not sure if such plugin could be easily implemented but what you can do right now is the following : 

- In a prepare recipe, add a column to flag the color you want that row to have based on a formula step or a flag step (lets say that is your 6th column and it contains 'RED')

- Export to Excel

- In excel, use conditionnal formatting based of a formula to color the whole line based on your 6th column (Col F), see here for how to build such formula in excel :

You formula should look like '=$F1="RED"'



Hope it helps !

Guillaume Ferdmann - CSM Dataiku
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Having, in DSS (prepare recipe for instance), a right-click "Color <color> lines containing '<pattern>' in this column" would be great.
There's already a "highlight" feature but it doesn't cover Excel exports.

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