Coloring / highlighting rows and exporting in Excel

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Coloring / highlighting rows and exporting in Excel

It would be nice to have a plugin that allows to color rows based on a formula or criteria, and to have the color / highlight kept when exporting to an Excel file.

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Hello Tomtom,


Not sure if such plugin could be easily implemented but what you can do right now is the following : 

- In a prepare recipe, add a column to flag the color you want that row to have based on a formula step or a flag step (lets say that is your 6th column and it contains 'RED')

- Export to Excel

- In excel, use conditionnal formatting based of a formula to color the whole line based on your 6th column (Col F), see here for how to build such formula in excel :

You formula should look like '=$F1="RED"'



Hope it helps !

Guillaume Ferdmann - CSM Dataiku
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Having, in DSS (prepare recipe for instance), a right-click "Color <color> lines containing '<pattern>' in this column" would be great.
There's already a "highlight" feature but it doesn't cover Excel exports.

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Hi @tomtom , 

With the release of 12.5, you can now format rows in an Explore based on their values and preserve that formatting when you export the dataset as an Excel file or publish it to a dashboard.

To apply conditional formatting, open an Explore, select the column menu, and go to Conditional Formatting > Color by rules. Once applied, you can also apply the color to the entire row by clicking on the column summary bar.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 09.41.04.png




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Thanks you rock !

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