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No space left

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No space left

i run into the following error :

java.nio.file.FileSystemException: /data/dss_data/tmp/flow-layout-graphviz/flow-3535707068822258995: No space left on device, caused by: FileSystemException: /data/dss_data/tmp/flow-layout-graphviz/flow-3535707068822258995: No space left on device

I tried to run some Macros to clean a little bit but i ran into a null exeption error, what to do?



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Likely that a job a user is runnign is consuming all the disk space. Identify such job and delete it and delete the temp data. You can run "du -hs *" in /data/dss_data/ to see what are the worst offender directories. Then drill down to subdirectories to find out what dir uses the space. Or add most disk space to your server. 

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