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Fatal Error at Setup

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Fatal Error at Setup

When doing the initial Setup in a Mac, I get the following error when opening the DataScience Studio from the Applications folder:


[Install] New python executable in /Users/Poncho 1/Library/DataScienceStudio/dss_home/pyenv/bin/python

Installing setuptools, pip, wheel...

[Install] done.

[Install] [+] Precompiling Dataiku Python code

[Install] [+] Precompiling Jupyter Python code

[Install] [+] Precompiling third-party Python code

[Install] [+] Performing initial install

[+] Writing version metadata conf=24 product=5.1.5 revision=

[+] Writing default install config file

[+] Writing default env file

[Install] [+] Preparing data directory initial data

[Install] Error: Could not find or load main class 1.Library.DataScienceStudio.dss_home.tmp

[install] EOF reached

[install] EOF reached

DSS installer terminated with status 1

DSS installer failed , fatal error


I already uninstalled and deleted the Library folder and tried again from scratch but it is not working. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, DataScienceStudio Mac installer does not support user logins with spaces
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You are right, I changed the name of the Home Directory and was able to install it.
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