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Dataiku in Ubuntu instance in Google Cloud Platform is not working

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Dataiku in Ubuntu instance in Google Cloud Platform is not working


I am trying to install DSS on ubuntu instance in GCP. I followed this "install Documentation page" and everything went well. I was able to start DSS from command line. However, when i try to connect DSS in web browser, i get "This site can’t be reached" error. 

I entered the following address:

http://HOSTNAME:11000  where HOSTNAME is the external ip of GCP instance and Port is 11000.

Why am I not able to connect to DSS in web browser and what do i have to do different in Google Cloud Platform

Below is the image, i got when the installation was done. I was able to start DSS.




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This looks like a firewall issue to me. it's required to open DSS port  for external sources as 

You can quickly open it from you GCP Console  by : 

- Going to your VM in Google compute engine and open your instance details

- edit your VM  and add a tag dedicated to DSS (you will need it to define network rules )  for example  dku-dss  and save. 

-  In your instance details , from the network interface section, open your network interface 

- add the firewall  rule that allows  port 11000 from your IP address , and  set the tag dku-dss as target for your rule  and save it. 

If you still can't access to DSS, check also your VM local firewall (ufw by default )  if this one is  active , you will have to allow DSS port  with this command:

sudo ufw allow 11000


Note that if you use a regular ssh client  to access your machine you can also create a  tunnel to access  your DSS for testing purpose . from your terminal you would have to run

ssh user@$yourGCPmachiner -L 11000:localhost:11000

Once your connection is established you can go to your browser and  access to DSS using  url http://localhost:11000. 

Beware that the recommended action is to open your GCP  firewall and your virtual machine firewall. 



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