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Maintain case of SQL table name when creating SQL datasets

Currently, when a SQL dataset is created, the name of the associated SQL table is set to PROJECTKEY_tablename regardless of the case of the SQL dataset name.

It would be great if either the case of the dataset name was maintained in the SQL table name (so dataset ABC would result in a SQL table name of PROJECTKEY_ABC rather than PROJECTKEY_abc) or there was a project or instance option to force SQL table names to be all of one case (upper or lower case). 

In some databases, this mixed case table name means that references to tables must be surrounded by double quotes. For example, one must write SELECT * FROM "PROJECTKEY_datasetname". We'd much prefer to be able to write SELECT * FROM PROJECTKEY_DATASETNAME. This becomes an issue when referencing SQL tables in SQL recipes and outside of DSS.

Additionally, the same case names just look better. 

Currently most of the users in our company go into dataset settings after a dataset is created to change the table name to all upper case. We'd love to not have to do this.

Status changed to: In Backlog

Hi @Marlan ,

Thanks for the suggestion; this idea has been added to the backlog alongside similar requests about being able to specify the default case of table names.


That's great @AshleyW , thank you!


Hope The solution would work for Snowflake as well..

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bumping this as it is particularly annoying in snowflake, and seems DSS auto caps Snowflake instead of maintaining case

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Bumping this idea. This is a real pain point and applies to column names as well. When our report writers pull their data into a viz tool, they have to rename everything so it isn’t screaming at end users. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged