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Improve error message when deploying / updating projects in automation

We ran into this error when updating a project into the automation node:action_forbidden.jpg


 It took us some time to figure out what was happening:

  • When developing the new bundle, we added a recipe with a code env without knowing that the code env was already created in the Automation node by somebody else
  • We obviously had security rights for that code env in the Design node, but we did not have them in Automation
  • When updating Automation with that bundle, we ran into the above  "Action Forbidden" error without knowing what action was forbidden. It took us time time to identify the code env problem.

It would have been helpful to point out further details on this error to help the user understand what was happening. Overall, there seems to be room for improvement for the management of warnings & errors when deploying a project to Automation (e.g. warnings that are not necessarily relevant to the user).

cc @tgb417@Turribeach 




Status changed to: In Backlog

Thanks for raising this. I have added it in the backlog, potentially with finding a generic way to raise more error details on bundle deployment.

We'll let you know as soon as we have more visibility on that.


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great news! 

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Community Manager
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